New EnergyQuest LNG service

Everyone agrees that an LNG supply glut is emerging as new Australian and US projects start up. What happens to the LNG market globally has ramifications for Australia and the performance of new Australia projects affects the global LNG market:

  • With low spot prices, will the Australian projects continue to maximise production, depressing spot prices?
  • With low spot prices, will the new projects ramp up more slowly?
  • Will the new west coast projects continue to experience delays in start-up and ramp up?
  • Will the new east coast projects start to pull back on production if gas development or purchase costs are higher than LNG prices?
  • To what degree will over-contracted Asian buyers be diverting Australian cargoes elsewhere?
  • What prices will Australian producers be receiving in their major markets?
  • If prices remain depressed will this impact the financial viability of projects?
  • What are the actual prices being received and what are the implications for netback calculations?
  • What are the implications of east coast LNG production levels for the domestic market?

Answering these questions requires timely data on Australian LNG exports, how much is being produced, where it is going and what prices are being realised. To help you stay on top of these developments EnergyQuest is offering an affordable monthly data package tracking Australian LNG production and major markets. This is in addition to the detailed analysis in EnergyQuarterly. The EnergyQuest LNG service provides data on:

  • LNG cargoes and export volumes by individual Australian LNG projects (both west and east coasts) so you can see how the producers are reacting to low prices and the emerging global supply glut as well as any gas supply issues that emerge on the east coast.
  •  Destinations of Australian LNG exports so you can see how both buyers and suppliers are reacting to higher volumes through diverting cargoes and targeting new markets.
  • LNG import volumes by source and average price in major Asian markets: Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan so you can see the competitive position of Australian exports. With all the discussion about the relevance of netbacks to east coast domestic prices in particular, this also provides real data on delivered Australian LNG prices.

Rather than spending hours of your own time tracking vessels and hunting down other data, let EnergyQuest do it for you in a single comprehensive and timely package targeted at users interested in Australian developments.

Importantly in a time of extreme budget stringency, the EnergyQuest service is available for an affordable price.

And if you ever have any questions you can just pick up the phone or shoot us an email.

This service, which we have developed in response to interest from clients, is likely to be of interest to any organisation with a particular interest in Australian LNG, be they government, LNG and domestic gas producers or domestic gas buyers.

The data is provided in Excel form so that it can be easily customised in formats that meet your needs.

We are offering a free three month trial. If you are interested or would like more information contact us at service@energyquest.com.au

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