The energy market is rapidly changing, and clients need to make important decisions in this new environment. EnergyQuest can help work through client issues, refocus strategies and show how to build business resilience for the future.

EnergyQuest undertakes consulting assignments for a range of major Australian and international energy companies, energy buyers, investors and governments.

Assignments have spanned upstream and downstream energy types (including oil, gas, coal, coal seam methane, oil shale, biofuels, electricity and diesel) and a range of issues (demand and supply, reserves, production, infrastructure and prices).

EnergyQuest has undertaken assignments for government agencies and major energy buyers on the future energy demand, supply and cost outlook and strategic options.

Upstream Industry

EnergyQuest uses a proprietary bottom up approach to oil and gas supply. This detailed analysis provides insight into reserves, production ...
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LNG Industry

EnergyQuest’s people have direct experience in negotiating LNG contracts, and the development of the major CSG to LNG projects in ...
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Investing in an uncertain market is risky, but can also present opportunities. Using its detailed knowledge of supply, demand and ...
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Energy Buyers

Large energy users are facing unprecedented uncertainties and mixed messages. The challenge is to map a path forward which allows ...
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There is intense pressure on government agencies to keep up with the energy industry developments, and provide a robust investment ...
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