In addition to bespoke consulting reports for individual clients, EnergyQuest produces a number of multi-client and subscription reports on Australian oil, gas and transport fuel.

Multi-client Reports

Multi-client reports are a cost effective and timely way to understand current issues in the energy industry.

EnergyQuest has a suite of important multi-client reports, including the East Coast Gas Outlook and the West Coast Gas Outlook to 2042. Together theses reports give a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s gas industry.

If you would like to ask about using a multi-client platform to address your challenges, then contact EnergyQuest.

EnergyQuest has produced its flagship EnergyQuarterly since 2005. It is Australia’s most widely read and comprehensive quarterly review of the Australian oil and gas industry. It provides comprehensive and timely statistical analysis of oil and gas production, reserves, development projects, electricity generation, gas contracts and prices in Australia.

EnergyQuest also produces an Australian LNG Monthly which provides analysis and data on Australian LNG exports, major LNG markets and the interface between LNG exports and domestic gas markets.

EnergyQuarterly Report

The EnergyQuarterly is an independent and comprehensive 160 page update on Australian energy, utilising EnergyQuest’s proprietary statistical data bases. Each ...

East Coast Gas Outlook 2023

EnergyQuest has released its fifth annual analysis of the east coast gas industry. The outlook for the east coast gas ...

West Coast Gas Outlook 2023

EnergyQuest’s West Coast Gas Outlook 2023 brings together the most comprehensive data, forecasts, and analysis available on the Western Australian ...

Australian LNG Monthly Report

LNG has revolutionised the Australian natural gas sector with ten LNG projects in operation. Australia is one of the world's ...