Australian LNG Monthly

LNG is revolutionising the Australian natural gas sector all 10 LNG projects in operation. Australia is now the world’s largest LNG exporter. However there is a dearth of timely and reliable information on LNG exports:

  • What volumes are each of the LNG projects exporting?
  • Are projects operating above contract and nameplate levels, exporting spot cargoes?
  • Into which markets are cargoes being delivered?
  • What is Australia’s market share in the major markets?
  • What prices are Australian projects getting and how does this compare with domestic prices
  • What are the impacts on the east coast domestic gas market?

The EnergyQuest Australian LNG Monthly provides comprehensive monthly data and analysis  on all of these aspects of the Australian LNG projects.

In particular the Report provides critical information on the interface between the east coast LNG projects and the domestic gas market. This includes:

  • Export volumes for each Queensland projects.
  • Destinations of Queensland cargoes.
  • Queensland spot cargoes.
  • Feedstock flows to the projects.
  • Purchases of third-party gas.
  • Any diversions of gas to the domestic market.
  • Trends in domestic gas prices and correlation with export volumes.
  • LNG netback prices based on both oil-linked and spot sales.
  • Comparisons between LNG netbacks and domestic short-term prices.
  • Monthly NEM electricity generation by fuel.

The EnergyQuest LNG service is already proving useful to governments, LNG producers, domestic gas producers and domestic gas buyers. The Report comprises a detailed analysis, provided as a PDF, together with an Excel data file.

If you would like further information or  a sample copy of the report, please contact us at