Trying to stop onshore gas development is an environmental own goal

Trying to stop onshore gas development in NSW and Victoria is an environmental own goal. The main difference between power generation in Queensland on the one hand and NSW and Victoria on the other is greater use of gas in Queensland (18% in Queensland in 2012 compared with 6% in NSW and 3% in Victoria). As a result GHG emissions were significantly lower in Queensland. According to the ESAA statistics for 2011-12, GHG emissions (kgCO2/MWh sent out) were 1,297 in Victoria and 904 in NSW but only 850 in Queensland. South Australia uses an even greater share of gas (50%) plus also a greater share of renewables (28% wind, 4%  solar pv). GHG there were 679, the lowest of all the Australian states (except Tasmania using mostly hydro).