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Food and fuel security

The rapid growth of coal seam gas in Queensland and NSW has led to claims that this development threatens Australia’s food security. This note attempts to bring together some of the basic facts.  Individual communities rightly want to ensure that CSG development does not undermine their existing agricultural industries over the long-term. However, overall Australia […]

Gazprom’s Asian ambitions no pipedream (

What would it be like staying in a hotel run by a monopoly gas supplier: great security but a bit weak on customer service? So it was at Gazprom’s Hotel Vniigaz in the outer suburbs of Moscow, where I recently spent a week attending a meeting of the International Gas Union hosted by Gazprom. Security […]

Greens anti-CSG/LNG campaign misses envi...

The Greens crusade against CSG and LNG continues. The week before last it was claims that lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from CSG are similar to emissions from coal-fired power, claims that were effectively laid to rest by the industry.  Then last week Greens Senator Larissa Waters introduced her bill into the Senate to restrict access […]

Shut the gate on CSG debate (AFR online ...

Fundamental differences about property rights are emerging when debating whether farmers are at the wrong end of Australia’s expanding coal seam gas industry. Understandably, not everyone is happy that Queensland now has three LNG projects based on coal seam gas (CSG) under construction.  This became clear in Senate hearings last week when Nationals Senators, Barnaby […]

Australian Coal Seam Gas 2011: Ten Quest...

When we started work on Australian Coal Seam Gas 2011: From Well to Wharf, we had ten questions in mind. Here are the questions and our conclusions. You can read more about the report at: 1. What is the outlook for the Australian CSG to LNG projects? With three of the four major projects […]

Encouraging signs for Australian shale g...

Recent results from Beach Energy and interest by ConocoPhillips are encouraging for Australian shale gas. The US Geological Service believes that Australia has at least 396 Tcf of technically recoverable shale gas, based on an assessment of the following basins: Cooper (85 Tcf), Maryborough (23 Tcf), Perth (59 Tcf) and Canning (229 Tcf). ConocoPhillips has […]

Productivity Commission to inquire into ...

It’s good to see that the Productivity Commission has been asked to opine on fossil fuel taxes and subsidies. Many of the items claimed as fossil fuel subsidies by the Greens are rebates from fuel taxes but fuel taxes themselves are omitted from the calculations. According to the Henry Tax Review, Australia collects around $14 […]

Ichthys LNG progressing

Hot on the heals of Prelude, the Ichthys LNG project is heading for FID this year. The Australian Government has given environmental approval. On the marketing front, Inpex has said that Ichthys has a clear prospect of selling the entire 8.4 million tonne capacity of the project, with agreements with Chubu Power (0.49 mtpa), Toho […]

China and Russia far apart on gas prices

Platts reports that China and Russia continue to be far apart on the price of gas under any agreement for Russia to export gas to China. Russia is reported to want a price of US$350/1,000 cubic metres (US$9.90/mmbtu), with China offering US$235/1,000 cubic metres (US$6.65/mmbtu). Russia is selling Sakhalin LNG to China at a landed price […]