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Future gas price scenarios for an electr...

The client was exploring the need for additional inter-state connections in the electricity grid. The report examined future gas supply and costs, as well as risk analysis for each scenario developed. The report included gas cost analysis, development of three gas price scenarios, scenario risk analysis, and trigger points for gas supply scenario development. The […]

Review of east coast gas market for an e...

This project was a detailed report and executive workshop on the east coast gas market. The report included east coast gas demand, domestic gas supply including supply forecasts by major resources, cost of gas supply to gas hubs, and potential future sources, LNG project demand and supply, and gas price forecasts. The report used EnergyQuest’s […]

East Coast Government Agency

Gas to Market Infrastructure. The agency wanted to better understand the key barriers to the development of gas resources and identify options to facilitate new gas supplies for the eastern gas market. The analysis provided by EnergyQuest combined detailed in-house gas industry knowledge, with an extensive consultation with 30 industry stakeholders. The approach included a […]

Gas supply options for a major gas user

This project was a review of supply options for a major industrial gas user. It considered cost, likelihood and volume of supply. The report included detailed demand, supply and cost analysis, an overview of east coast proven and probable reserves,  contingent resources, and the potential for future long term supply, with a ranking of supply […]