EnergyQuarterly December 2020

The December 2020 EnergyQuarterly report has just been released, with comprehensive Australian energy data for the September Quarter plus analysis of the latest developments. The report has  a number of special articles commenting on important issues:

  • Looming southern gas supply cliff
  • Twenty-nine months to Liddell closure
  • Asia targets net zero emissions
  • Gas-fired recovery
  • Refining hanging by a thread
  • How about a transport policy? 

Some of the other report highlights are:· 

  • The simple average of short-term east coast gas prices in Q3 was $4.63/GJ (US$3.51/MMBtu), down by 43.8% from an average $8.23/GJ in Q3 2019 but up by 3.1% from the Q2 average of $4.49/GJ.
  • East coast gas supply (production plus NT imports) decreased by 7.3 PJ qoq from 506.2 PJ to 498.9 PJ.
  •  In Q3 WA domestic gas production decreased by 6.7 PJ (6.1% qoq) to 101.9 PJ.
  • Notwithstanding the restrictions due to COVID-19, total NEM generation was only down by 2% qoq. Overall, gas generation decreased by 0.9 TWh (19%) qoq, with decreases in all states except Queensland and Tasmania. 
  • Offshore exploration spending hit a new low of $64.8 million in Q3 2020, the lowest quarterly investment in real terms in 44 years.
  • Australia’s plans for a world-scale green hydrogen export industry received a flood of support over the past quarter from global investors, Japanese energy heavyweights and federal and state governments. 

Further infomation, including the brochure with full table of contents, can be obtained by clicking here.