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Gas market update

On 9 December EnergyQuest CEO Graeme Bethune gave an east coast gas market update presentation to the SA Department for Energy and Mining’s annual Oil and Gas Roundtable. A copy of the presentation can be accessed below.

A short history of Australian east coast...

The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies has recently published a useful paper by Visiting Research Fellow, Nikolai Drahos: Australia’s gas trilemma: prices, exports and emissions. The paper cites work over the years by EnergyQuest, including a contribution to a report presented to the World Gas Conference in Washington in June 2018, Exhibit 7 Australia’s […]

$100 million LNG cargoes?

Two weeks ago, on 16 September, we released our August Australian LNG Monthly report, which noted the surge in global gas prices. Significant growth in gas demand post COVID-19 in both North Asia and Europe has created competition for LNG cargoes, particularly from the US and Qatar, pushing up gas spot prices to record levels for […]