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East coast domestic gas demand slumping in face of high prices
6 June 2017

Underlying domestic gas demand on Australia’s east coast is falling faster than might be apparent.

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Australian LNG battered but unbowed: article by Graeme Bethune in Petroleum Economist
5 April 2017

Delays and cost overruns hurt the sector, but Australia is still on course to become a global export powerhouse.

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East coast gas oversold
7 March 2017

A highly forensic review of Australia’s east coast gas sector has found that estimates of commercial gas reserves to service Queensland’s new Gladstone-based LNG industry and local domestic gas consumption, carry substantial risks that are not widely appreciated.

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Another $1.9 billion of LNG exports in January
13 February 2017

The value of Australian LNG exports in January is likely to come in similar to the record $1.9 billion recorded in December.

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Australian 2016 LNG exports up 47% to 45 Mt-heading for 60 Mt in 2017 (Corrected)
17 January 2017

Australia’s LNG exports surged by 47% to 45 million tonnes (Mt) over calendar 2016 as the plethora of new projects in WA, the Northern Territory and coastal Queensland triggered a flood of new shipments to global markets. 

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