EnergyQuarterly Report

The EnergyQuarterly is an independent and comprehensive 160 page update on Australian energy, utilising EnergyQuest’s proprietary statistical data bases.

Each quarter the report analyses:

  • Major current issues in both global and Australian energy.
  • East coast gas market.
  • East coast electricity market.
  • Western Australia energy market.
  • Renewables developments.
  • Energy prices.
  • Oil and gas exploration.
  • Energy politics and policy.
  • Performance of energy companies.
  • Carbon emission developments.
  • Future fuels monitor.
  • Oil and gas reserves and resources.
  • Gas markets and infrastructure.
  • Liquefied natural gas production.
  • Australian conventional gas production.
  • Coal seam gas production.
  • Oil and liquids production.
  • New Zealand developments.
  • Timor-Leste energy developments.
  • Papua New Guinea energy developments.

The report is timely, produced within nine weeks of each quarter end. The report is used by companies for:

  • Board presentations
  • Investor presentations
  • Government presentations
  • Strategy development
  • Gas purchase and sales
  • Liquids purchase and sales
  • Market analysis
  • M&A

It is used by governments for:

  • Timely statistics
  • Analysing supply options
  • Ministerial briefing
  • Following company activities
  • Policy development.

It is used by investors and analysts for:

  • Production monitoring
  • Market analysis
  • Earnings forecasting

Data from the report is regularly used by major companies in public presentations, as well as internally. Subscribers include Australian and state government agencies and a wide range of energy producers and energy buyers. The report is user-friendly, with data provided in easy to read tables and Excel spreadsheet format. Trends and waterfall diagrams highlight recent changes. The data is rigorously cross-checked against other sources. If you would like further information or  a sample copy of the report, please contact us at