EnergyQuest produces a number of analytical reports on Australian oil, gas and transport fuel.

EnergyQuest produces the EnergyQuarterly, which provides comprehensive and timely statistical analysis of oil and gas production, reserves, development projects, gas contracts and prices in Australia.

EnergyQuest produces a Monthly LNG Report, which provides analysis and data on Australian LNG exports, major LNG markets and the interface between LNG exports and domestic gas markets.

In 2013 EnergyQuest produced the comprehensive report: Australian Coal Seam Gas 2013: All Aboard the LNG Train. 

APAC Biofuels, a collaboration between Ecco Consulting and EnergyQuest, produces an annual Australian Biofuels report.

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EnergyQuarterly is an up-to-date, independent and comprehensive 150 page report on Australian oil and gas production, reserves, prices and development projects, utilizing EnergyQuest’s proprietary statistical data bases.

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EnergyQuarterly Terms of Use
EnergyQuarterly Brochure March 2017
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Monthly LNG Report

EnergyQuest is introducing an exciting new LNG data service tailored to Australian users.

The EnergyQuest LNG service provides monthly data and in-depth analysis on:

  • LNG cargoes and export volumes by individual Australian LNG projects.
  • Destinations of Australian LNG exports.
  • LNG import volumes by source and average price in major Asian markets.
  • Impact on the east coast domestic market.

Rather than spending hours of your own time tracking vessels and hunting down other data, let EnergyQuest do it for you in a single comprehensive and timely package targeted at users interested in Australian developments.

Importantly in a time of extreme budget stringency, the EnergyQuest service is available for an affordable price.

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LNG Report Analysis August 2016 Sample
LNG Report Excel File August 2016 Sample
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Australian Coal Seam Gas

In 2013 EnergyQuest released a 255 page, confidential study, Australian Coal Seam Gas 2013: All Aboard the LNG Train. Subsequent developments are analysed in EnergyQuarterly.

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Australian Coal Seam Gas 2013_May
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Australian Biofuels


 Australian Biofuels 2017: Industry Dichotomy

 Covering: ethanol, biodiesel, mandates, demand/supply, feedstocks, forecasts, government, subsidies, aviation, industry developments, world trends, consumers, “next gen” and alternative fuels.

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Biofuels 2017

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