Investing in an uncertain market is risky, but can also present opportunities. Using its detailed knowledge of supply, demand and price outlook, EnergyQuest can give potential investors a clear view of the opportunity and the risk scenarios. We are independent, and provide assurance to decision makers all the way to the Board room.

Case Studies:

  • Future gas price scenarios for an electricity transmission infrastructure operator – The client was exploring the need for additional inter-state connections in the electricity grid. The report examined future gas supply and costs, as well as risk analysis for each scenario developed. The report included gas cost analysis, development of three gas price scenarios, scenario risk analysis, and trigger points for gas supply scenario development. The report also critiqued and compared the scenarios against client and AEMO models.
  • Eastern Australia Gas Market Report for a successful bid by the client for Victorian upstream gas assets – The report reviewed the Victorian and related gas markets, gas infrastructure relevant to the gas asset, and LPG and condensate markets.