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Upstream Industry

EnergyQuest uses a proprietary bottom up approach to oil and gas supply. This detailed analysis provides insight into reserves, production rates and also costs of gas. Case Studies: Multi-client Report: Queensland Coal Seam Gas: Performance and Outlook to 2036 – This report provided a forensic analysis of Queensland CSG performance, based on production data since […]

LNG Industry

EnergyQuest’s people have direct experience in negotiating LNG contracts, and the development of the major CSG to LNG projects in Queensland. We combine analysis, with practical experience in how LNG projects and markets behave. Case Studies: Review of LNG gas imports to eastern Australia for an LNG import proponent – the client required an independent […]


Investing in an uncertain market is risky, but can also present opportunities. Using its detailed knowledge of supply, demand and price outlook, EnergyQuest can give potential investors a clear view of the opportunity and the risk scenarios. We are independent, and provide assurance to decision makers all the way to the Board room. Case Studies: […]

Energy Buyers

Large energy users are facing unprecedented uncertainties and mixed messages. The challenge is to map a path forward which allows energy intensive businesses to manage the volatility and develop into the new energy markets. EnergyQuest analysis shows what are the cost drivers, where the key game changers are, and how a business should plan its […]


There is intense pressure on government agencies to keep up with the energy industry developments, and provide a robust investment environment to attract investors. EnergyQuest’s experience in the industry, and fact-based analysis has provided government agencies with the tools to make important policy, regulatory and broader strategic decisions. Case Studies: East Coast Government Agency – […]