NEW: Queensland Coal Seam Gas: Performance and Outlook to 2036

East coast Australian gas supply is highly reliant on coal seam gas (CSG) which makes up 90% of proved and probable (2P) gas reserves.

The performance of these fields is critical for both meeting LNG contracts and domestic gas supply. EnergyQuest has launched an important multi-client report, Queensland Coal Seam Gas: Performance and Outlook to 2036, that analyses performance of the CSG fields over more than a decade and forecasts production to 2036.

This analysis is available as a special multi-client report, prepared by EnergyQuest's expert team, led by Senior Associate Denis Dare, a Petroleum Engineer, with over 40 year's experience in Australia and around the world.

Download the brochure for further details, including the Table of Contents.

Downloads: CSG Performance and Outlook to 2036

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