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EnergyQuest Australian LNG Monthly April...

EnergyQuest has just released its Australian LNG Monthly for April 2022. Queensland gas prices moved to over $15/GJ in April and have spiked in May, to over $30/GJ. Wholesale electricity prices have reached stratospheric levels. The report outlines some of the demand and supply factors behind these spikes. For gas there is continuing strong demand for LNG at high international prices (strengthened further by the fall […]

Russia, oil and petrol prices

I’ve been getting questions about oil and petrol prices and the role of Russia. For what it’s worth here is my take. The Brent oil price yesterday was US$132.33 per barrel (8 March) and Australian ULP petrol prices are passing $2/litre. Q. Why are oil prices shooting up? A. The oil market was very tight […]