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Australian LNG Monthly March 2023

Highlights from the EnergyQuest Australian LNG Monthly report. Australia may be a lucky country, but it is in a global competitionThe three largest LNG buyers in the world have a great interest in what happens with Australian energy policy. Based on our February import data, Australia supplied 45% of Japanese imports, 28% of China’s imports and 23% of Korean imports. These three LNG buyers accounted for 74.4% of Australia’s March […]

Market Intervention in the East Coast Ga...

EnergyQuest has released a new multi-client report on the Gas Market Intervention – a deep dive into the politics, policy settings, environmental drivers and implications for the gas industry following the recent market interventions of the Australian Government. The gas market intervention does not address the fundamentals, and more intervention is likely. “The government took […]

EnergyQuarterly March 2023: the governme...

EnergyQuest has just released its March 2023 EnergyQuarterly  report with comprehensive analysis and data for the December Quarter, 2022 together with many statistics and analysis for January and and February 2023.  A major theme of this report is the federal government’s proposed takeover of the east coast gas market, throwing out the OECD gas market rule book with a move to […]