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Australia formally becomes world’s #1 LN

Australia has officially become the world’s largest exporter of LNG on an annualised basis. In sending overseas an estimated record 77.514 million tonnes (Mt) of locally produced LNG in calendar 2019, Australia edged out former No. 1 LNG export titleholder Qatar, expected to produce 75 Mt in 2019. The 2019 Australian LNG exports were more […]

Australian Biofuels Overview 2019

Biofuels in Australia seem to be going nowhere!  From about 2005 to 2010 there was a flurry of investment and interest in new biodiesel and ethanol plants in Australia.  In 2009 Australia had nine operating biodiesel plants and three operating fuel ethanol plants.  Come 2019, there are only three biodiesel plants of scale operating in […]

South Australian natural gas outlook

Natural gas is the second most important primary energy source for South Australia, second only to transport fuels and critical for power generation and industrial, commercial and retail customers. However the Cooper Basin, the source of almost all SA natural gas production, is currently only able to meet around 80% of SA demand and the […]

FACT CHECK: do Australians pay more for ...

It is often claimed that Australians pay more for gas than do the overseas buyers of our LNG. Is this true? EnergyQuest tracks the landed price of Australian LNG in our three major markets, Japan, China and Korea. These are landed prices, prior to the cost of regasification, pipeline transport and profit margins in the […]

Australian gas and oil exploration renai...

There are signs that Australian oil and gas exploration is starting to recover from the doldrums that have been the feature of recent years. EnergyQuest has recently completed a full industry review of Australia’s current and forward oil and gas exploration schedules. The research, by EnergyQuest’s well respected exploration analyst, David Upton, can be downloaded […]

PESA Production and Development Review 2...

Each year at the APPEA Conference PESA sponsors a review of production and development in the previous year. As the only source of comprehensive and timely data on Australian oil and gas EnergyQuest is often asked to prepare these reviews. This was the case again for the 2019 Conference. You can download Graeme Bethune’s presentation […]