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APLNG Q4 2020 domestic gas prices 34% be...

Further to our post earlier this week, there has been further evidence today that domestic gas prices are significantly lower than LNG prices. Origin Energy’s quarterly ASX report for the December quarter 2020 discloses that average revenue realised from LNG sales by the APLNG project at Gladstone in Queensland was US$5.20/MMBtu. That is A$6.71/GJ. APLNG’s […]

FACT CHECK: Australians still pay less f...

Notwithstanding extensive evidence to the contrary, gas buyers still claim that Australians pay more for gas than do the overseas buyers of our LNG. This remains false. EnergyQuest tracks the landed price of Australian LNG in our four major markets, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. These are landed prices, prior to the cost of regasification, […]

The three C’s of 2020: Covid, China and

EnergyQuest CEO Graeme Bethune looks back at 2020 As 2020 draws to a close it is time to reflect on the passing year. There are three themes that stand out to us from 2020. First, and obviously, the impact of the pandemic on individuals, countries and energy markets. In Australia the major impact on energy demand has […]