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SA renewable target already met plus som...

Notwithstanding the brouhaha about reaching South Australia’s target of 50% of energy production from renewables by 2025, the facts are that this target was achieved in the second half of 2016 and in fact exceeded. In Q4 2016 SA generated 2,451 GWh of electricity, of which wind contributed 1,172 GWh and Solar PV 316 GWh. […]

South Australian wind: all fired up but ...

One of the side-effects of Wednesday’s blackouts in South Australia is that, even though there is plenty of wind, wind generation has been cut by 85%. On Wednesday, prior to the collapse of the mid-north transmission towers that precipitated the blackout, almost all 18 wind fams in South Australia were generating, producing close to 1,200 […]

How gas cushioned the blow and speeded t...

While there is much understandable focus on electricity supply seecurity, the role of gas in providing an additional layer of energy security is often forgotten. In the latest SA power blackout, gas cushioned the blow for mant people and made a major contribution to a speedy recovery in turning the lights back on: The Bethune’s, […]

Qld Govt eyes $500m p.a. royalty boost f...

It isn’t all doom and gloom in the energy sector with the Queensland Government now looking at a yearly $500 million royalties bonanza from new LNG-linked gas projects, notwithstanding the fall in oil prices. Queensland Government budget forecasts point to a growth in petroleum royalties for Queensland from $51m in the financial year just ended to […]

There is a global energy glut

There is a global energy glut, just about everywhere except on the east coast of Australia. This is clear from an analysis of the latest BP Statistical Review of World Energy contained in the August 2015 edition of EnergyQuest’s EnergyQuarterly. There is a glut of all fossil fuels, not only oil but also coal and […]

Good news and bad news for Australian oi...

We have just released the March EnergyQuarterly report, which brings together all of the statistics on Australasian oil and gas reserves and production for 2014, together with analysis of the latest developments. Overall petroleum production reached record levels in 2014 and spending on new LNG projects continued at elevated levels as new projects near completion. […]

Queensland LNG watching

The BG LNG Carrier Methane Rita Andrea started loading at Gladstone on 28 December, the first Queensland LNG cargo. The upstream fields Berwyndale South, Kenya, Ruby Jo and Bellevue are doing more than 500 TJ/d currently so if all is going well we should see the Rita Andrea depart in the next few days, to […]

Oz LNG doom and gloom #1

There was lots of media excitement in Australia this week to the news that British Columbia was reducing its proposed LNG export tax from 7% to 3.5%. Woe is us! However the Australian export tax is already zero. BC also has a C$30/tonne carbon tax. Australia’s is now zero too. More on this in our […]