Natural Gas

EnergyQuest has undertaken many assignments on Australian and interational gas gas, including:

  • Independent report on gas reserves for a proposed pipeline acquisition.
  • Independent report on gas deliverability for a major gas user.
  • Advice for a NSW power generator on gas supply options.
  • Advice on gas supply options for the Mt Isa minerals province.
  • Gas price forecasts by Australian state to 2030.
  • Advice for an infrastructure provider on east coast gas storage options.
  • Advice for a major oil and gas company on potential Australian LNG projects.
  • Independent expert report for an east coast gas price arbitrations.
  • Projections of future Australian coal seam gas demand and supply for a major resources company.
  • Report on coal seam gas for a potential major customer.
  • Advice on east coast gas supply options for a major industrial customer.
  • Advice on gas marketing and price options for a potential gas field development.
  • Advice on the outlook for Australian gas (domestic and LNG) for a major resources company.
  • Advice on gas transmission pipelines for an institutional investor.
  • Advice on gas commercialization outlook and options for a proposed east coast gas development.
  • Numerous studies on Australian east coast gas production costs and the outlook for demand, supply and prices.
  • Studies of gas demand and supply in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Recent assignments include:

  • Assessment of domestic gas market interventions in major world gas producing countries.
  • Assessment of global LNG opportunities for US E&P company.
  • Quantification of trends in Australian finding and development costs.
  • Review of domestic gas contracting opportunities in Western Australia.
  • Review of east coast gas market report for the Productivity Commission.
  • Provision of east coast gas reserves estimates for the ACCC.
  • Review of gas supply and market opportunities for a major Australian gas pipeline project.
  • Advice on Cooper Basin drilling outlook.
  • Advice on Cooper Basin unconventional gas project.
  • Outlook for east coast gas demand, supply and costs.
  • Various studies of the viability of east coast LNG imports.

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