FACT CHECK: do Australians pay more for Australian gas than LNG buyers?

It is often claimed that Australians pay more for gas than do the overseas buyers of our LNG. Is this true? EnergyQuest tracks the landed price of Australian LNG in our three major markets, Japan, China and Korea. These are landed prices, prior to the cost of regasification, pipeline transport and profit margins in the importing country. The average landed price of Australian LNG in China in 2018-19 was US$9.14/GJ or A$12.77/GJ, in Japan it was US$10.20/GJ or A$14.25/GJ, in Korea it was US$9.86/GJ or A$13.78/GJ. These prices are all above average Australian wholesale domestic prices, even on the east coast. So, the answer is NO. For regular updates on Asian prices see our Monthly LNG Report: https://www.energyquest.com.au/monthly-lng-report/