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$100 million LNG cargoes?

Two weeks ago, on 16 September, we released our August Australian LNG Monthly report, which noted the surge in global gas prices. Significant growth in gas demand post COVID-19 in both North Asia and Europe has created competition for LNG cargoes, particularly from the US and Qatar, pushing up gas spot prices to record levels for […]

EnergyQuarterly September 2021. Mega-dea...

The September 2021 EnergyQuarterly report has just been released, with comprehensive Australian energy data for the June Quarter 2021 and the 2021 Financial Year plus analysis of the latest developments.  The cover story is the proposed Woodside-BHP Petroleum and Santos-Oil Search deals. The report analyses the  drivers for both Woodside and Santos and BHP’s rationale in disposing of a business which they have had […]

EnergyQuest Australian LNG Monthly Janua...

EnergyQuest has just released its Australian LNG Monthly for January 2021. Some of the highlights are: Notwithstanding COVID-19, LNG imports by North Asian countries (including Taiwan) increased by 2.5% to a total of 200.3 Mt LNG in 2020, 4.8 Mt higher than in 2019 when 195.5 Mt was imported.  China remains far and away the world’s largest gas importer, well ahead of number two, Germany and number three, Japan. […]