Australian LNG Monthly February 2023

EnergyQuest has just released the Febuary 2023 Australian LNG Monthly report.

Did we just enter the eye of the energy storm?
Those who go down to the sea in ships know that if you have the misfortune to be caught by a cyclone, it is an horrific storm. If it passes directly over you, then you may have a short calm period in the eye of the storm before you get caught in the other side of the cyclone. We may be in the energy equivalent of the eye of the storm and have only experienced half of what can happen.

  • European spot prices down 80% from October 2022
  • US gas prices near record lows

But the industry still sees the dark side of the new regulations and policies…

  • Japan warns of consequences of LNG plan
  • Australia’s natural gas industry is pushing back against the proposed changes. 
  • Viva’s LNG import terminal runs aground on the rocks of the Victorian Government, with its calls for more data and information. Meanwhile Germany expects to have three FSRU LNG receiving terminals operational in less than one year 

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