West Coast Gas Outlook 2023

EnergyQuest’s West Coast Gas Outlook 2023 brings together the most comprehensive data, forecasts, and analysis available on the Western Australian domestic gas market.

This 188-page report examines the historical, current, and potential future state of a market which has been accustomed to low prices and plentiful supply but is now seeing the opposite. We assess the path forward for gas suppliers and gas users and assess a range of scenarios for supply, demand, and pricing.

We break down the historical operation of WA’s Domestic Market Obligation (DMO), the extent to which LNG projects have achieved the 15% overall requirement, the levels of supply against the DMO today, and the potential for government to change the rules going forward.

We identify possible future scenarios, the developments and signposts that will require monitoring going forward, and what the options are for industry participants.

The report comprises a detailed analysis provided in a 188-page PDF format together with an Excel data file.